Things to consider before buying a bulletproof backpack for your kid

Things to consider before buying a bulletproof backpack for your kid:
With the increasing cases of mass shootings in schools, there is a growing debate regarding gun control. As every stakeholder is trying its best to ensure school safety, parents on the other side are concerned about buying protective backpacks for their kids, should a shooting occur in the kid’s schools. However, before buying the kids bulletproof backpack, it’s important to know the following factors.
• Bulletproof backpacks only shield against handguns
Prevention is usually better than cure. The bulletproof backpacks are effective in cases where handguns and pistols are used. However, when a shooting involves high power rifles such as the AR-15, the backpacks become less useful. The reason being most backpacks are made from soft body armor that isn’t resistant to all bullets. Plus, if they are made with a strong ballistic resistant hard plate, the bags would be too heavy for kids to carry.
• Bulletproof backpacks are expensive
Since they are made with high-quality materials, the bulletproof backpacks are often very much expensive. At the same time, some students may store the bags in their lockers due to their heaviness. As such, in case of emergency, the chances are that they won’t be used.
• Bulletproof backpacks are certified by the National Institute of Justice (NIJ)
Before any backpack qualifies to be sold as bulletproof, it must be inspected and approved by the NIJ to meet the required standards. Therefore, if the bag you are about to buy doesn’t have NIJ certification, you should refrain from making the purchase.
• Check the expiry of the backpack
Another thing to consider before buying a bulletproof backpack is its expiry date. Usually, the backpacks don’t last longer as compared to the normal bags. When frequently used, or left in hotter conditions such as the sun, their protective quality depreciates faster. Therefore, you will have to replace it after some period of time. In normal situations, a bulletproof backpack can take about five years before expiring.