Some insights on Backpack Armor

Backpack Armor is no longer a weird product in the security industry. With school shootings which become more frequent it is someting that goes into the main stream. So let us mention some of the key insights about it!

1. What is it?

bulletproof Backpack Armor is armor with a ballistic plate placed into a backpack for protection against potential bullet shots.

The armor plate can be bought separately for your preferred backpacks or it can be bought already integrated into a pack. The armor might either be sewn fixed into the bag or it might be removable. In the latter case, the backpack or armor plate can be replaced for more uses.

2. Its functions

Following the shooting at Douglas High School in Florida in February 2019, more and more parents are concerned about their children’s safety and those bulletproof backpacks sold like hotcakes.

For people that are likely to be targets of violence or threatened, like government figures or celebrities, the easily affordable backpack armors give them extra protection.

For us, who are not to be in danger of where we go or who we are, backpack armor upgrades the normal 72-hour kit or bug-out bag to the next level.

3. Bulletproof Backpacks or Armor Plates?

As we have mentioned above, you can buy only the armor panel and put it in your favorite backpack. However, the panel may not fit in well, and you may end up having to buy the new bag that is meant for it. It is especially true in the case for children, as those bulletproof backpacks are not indeed designed for them.

Either choice should be referenced on the National Institute of Justice (NIJ) safety ratings for the best option.

4. A few setbacks

You may have a false sense of security from the backpack armor.It is only truly functional if you put it on your back.The backpack armor should only be used as temporary protection and you should meanwhile look for additional cover.The armor cannot bear the whole force of the bullets but just spread it. It does have an expiration date.