Gun Braces

Gun braces or arm braces are attached to the receiver of the gun. Guns with mounted braces are preferred compared to those without because it enhances stability while firing it using one hand. The stabilizing brace has adjustable straps that tighten the gun to the arm and reduce the recoil force that makes the hands shake after shots. Below are a few types of mostly considered gun braces. Let’s get cracking!


• SB Tactical
It is the most commonly used and preferred stabilizing brace. It is made up of rubber and has a velcro strap. The rubber allows any hand size to fit in since it can extend and wrap tightly on the arm. The velcro secures the gun to the hand and is also adjustable; hence any hand size can fit. The brace uses friction design. Therefore, the upper limb does not move when it experiences a lighter recoil.

• The KAK
The KAK blade design is unique because it has one piece and thus does not require strapping of the arm. It is designed to rest on the arm. It has a shockwave AR Tube that comes with a pair of screws that allow one to make adjustments to the length of KAK to fit your arm. It is cheap and affordable but not the best brace for your forelimb.

• SIG Brace
It is similar to the tactical design in that it has got an opening of any size and a Velcro strap. The model reduces weight and makes the gun lighter and can be used as an arm or shoulder brace. The lesser the cost incurred in purchasing makes it affordable.

• SB Tactical mini
Tactical mini is smaller compared to the original tactical brace. The brace is attached to the receiver extension, and the opening is enough to strap to your arm. It has a skeletonized appearance and is lighter. It uses the friction principle and has got a plate at the rear end to prevent the brace sliding forward after firing. Lastly, Maxim defense is also a brace that’s available for use. It is the most expensive. It is unique in that it collapses and locks into place. Therefore the comfort that the brace adds to the gun is worth investing.